Gemstone Animal Carvings

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Gemstone Animal Carvings

This is an online display of a gemstone animal carvings. The animal carvings are grouped into collections.


- Peruvian Birds
- Labradorite Animals
- Serpentine Iguanas
- Steatite Animals
- Angelite Animals
- Malachite Animals

Where to purchase

Unlimited Exotica is an online shop where these carvings can be bought.
A large selection of gemstone animal carvings are listed here in alphabetical order of animal type.

Krystalz is a wholesale crystal provider selling bulk crystals direct to the public.
A large selection of wholesale gemstone animal carvings are listed here.

If the animal carvings that you are interested in are no longer listed on the above websites, contact us at Unlimited Exotica and enquire about the collection that you are interested in. We may still have similar carvings available for purchase that are not listed online.

Nhill Oasis Motel is a motel located halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne on the main Western Highway. Nhill Oasis Motel has a small giftshop located in the breakfast bar which sells a selection of gemstone animal carvings.